NAEC Stoneleigh, 8th and 9th July 2020

Why Attend?

At Ceramics UK you will see the latest in technical ceramic materials with differing properties for differing applications. With improvements in manufacturing techniques, technical ceramic materials that were previously too expensive or difficult to work with are now very accessible and versatile. The advent in additive manufacturing has brought further change, and Ceramics UK will provide you with access to the latest materials and experts who can assist you with your current project or material challenge.

At the same time the show will see the latest in traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques and energy saving processes. The UK market has been growing significantly over recent years with increasing exports to new markets excited by British products. This increasing production is creating supply chain needs not seen in the UK for decades. Attendees will be able to meet this manufacturing need by engaging with the entire ceramic supply chain at Ceramics UK.

Expect to see the following attendee types at Ceramics UK and The Advanced Materials Show:

Attendee job titles will include:

Application Development Engineer

Materials Buyer

Process Engineer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Materials Coordinator


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Materials Engineer

Project Engineer

Computational Material Scientist

Materials Integrity Engineer

Quality Assurance Manager

Design Engineer

Materials Modelling

R&D Director


Materials Scientist

R&D Project Leader

General Manager

Materials Synthesis

Research Chemist

Head of Application Testing

Materials Technologist

Scientific Team Leader

Head of Materials

Materials Testing Technician

Senior Scientist

Head of Materials Engineering


Technical Director

Head of R&D

New Product Development

Technical Project Manager

Innovation Lead

Performance Engineer

Testing Manager

Laboratory Manager

Polymer Chemist

Vice President Engineering

Managing Director

Principal Scientist

Vice President R&D


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